American Capital Group Forklift Financing Service

Finance Your Forklifts
Finance your forklift with a leasing program customized to fit your needs! With our simple, one-page application American Capital Group, can provide fast, flexible financing to make getting new commercial equipment easier than ever.
1. Fill Out An Application
Complete our simple, one page application.

2. Receive A Custom Financing Plan
We will contact you, typically within 24 hours, with a customized lease structure, tailored to fit your needs.


3. Get Your Equipment
We will purchase your new/used equipment from this vendor.
Flexible Financing
We offer multiple leasing options, including seasonal payments and deferral programs, which can be customized to fit your needs.
Tax Advantage
Take full advantage of tax write-offs when you lease equipment. Put more money back in your pocket come tax season.
Conserve Your Capital
Break up the cost of your equipment into payments when you finance. Utilize your cash flow for business operations instead of hefty acquisition costs.
Equipment Financing & Leasing Key Benefits
American Capital Group exists to help you obtain equipment that increases your profit. We do business online, over the phone, via fax, and mail. Put simply we just make doing business easier.As proof, we have established the most efficient program in the industry, the ACG FastTrak Program, and are backed by our Lowest Payment Guarantee, so you have the confidence you are getting the best programs in the market.

Over the years, American Capital Group has funded over 20,000 customers and built relationships with over 30,000 equipment resellers. Our customers range from small growing businesses to the Fortune 500.