yellow forklift in front of empty pallets

Finance your forklift with a leasing-to-own program customized to fit your needs! With our simple, CIT Small Business Solutions, we can provide fast, flexible & affordable financing to make getting new & used commercial equipment easy!

1. Fill Out An Application.

Complete our simple, one-page application.

2. Receive A Financing Plan.

We will contact you, typically within 24 hours, with a customized lease structure, tailored to fit your needs.

3. Get Approved.

Your Equipment Gets Delivered!

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Flexible Financing.

We offer multiple leasing options, including seasonal payments and deferral programs, which can be customized to fit your needs.

Tax Advantage

Take full advantage of tax write-offs when you lease equipment. Put more money back in your pocket come tax season.

Conserve Your Capital

Break up the cost of your equipment into payments when you finance. Utilize your cash flow for business operations instead of hefty acquisition costs.